2020 August newsletter

Welcome to my August newsletter.

I would like to talk about the Yamas, or as I would like to call it the pillars of Yoga, these are the main restraints for proper conduct as given in the Vedas. n

And the Yamas I chose for today’s newsletter is Aparigraha or non possessiveness, non grasping.

In the last 5 months i learnt a lot about myself, lockdown has taught me lot about what is most important in life. Human relationships, people in your life, being able to go out without any fear or catching any virus. It taught me how much I miss teaching yoga, and how much we are taking for granted.

It taught me how vulnerable people are for mental health problem, how differently we all react to changes. While some people find it easy to be in lockdown, like myself, and some people are really struggling. People with underlying health issues, people for are overweight, and the ones who are recovering from serious illnesses.

It showed me a path I wanted to take. Why i was always wanted to teach athlete to avoid injuries, now my chosen pass is working in counselling, founding a way to work with people who suffered from trauma, depression, anxiety and mental health issues.

i am enrolling in a counselling course from September and will hope to be able to help people through yoga, as well as counselling.

i hope you will be following my progress.

Have the best August